Useful Free Bets for Online Games

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Owing to the high popularity of the online betting games, now several gaming sites and professional bookmakers are operating successfully in the market. But there is too much competition among these numerous bookies, due to which most of them have started the practice of offering free bets, to attract more players to their sites and gain better business from them. Though all the new players are actually eligible for claiming the free betting offers of their chosen bookies; now some experienced players may also be provided with these lucrative free offers, to retain them for continuing to play on that site.


Where the free bets can be available for the interested gamers


The online gamers can hope to find some exclusive free betting offers from the websites that are well known for conducting online casino games, poker games and sports betting.


Online casinos – The online casinos are the highest providers of these free bets, the amounts of which generally are the same as the initial deposit amounts of the new players. Hence, this complimentary amount is also often termed as welcome bonus or first-time bonus, if they also offer freebies to their existing players as well. The reputed online casinos offer absolutely free welcome amount to their new players; while the lesser known ones offer a certain free amount of money, only after paying the initial deposit for participating in betting.


Sports betting – But the sports betting are gaining popularity among young generation as well. Mostly, the exciting sports events, like football and rugby matches provide the greatest opportunities for the bookmakers to conduct the betting games for the passionate gamers, due to the popularity of several teams playing these sports matches. The occasional free betting offers are meant to enhance the interests of the new and old players, for participating more actively in these games. The bigger championship matches of these events draw as much interested gamers, as the viewers in the direct field.


Poker rooms – The gamers are given huge amounts of free betting money from the popular online poker rooms. Some poker rooms are known to offer even up to 500% of the initial depositing amount of their new players, which can be used to play a number of games. The gamer can also withdraw his actual initial deposit, after receiving this complimentary welcome bonus amount. But the free deposit has to be used for only for playing games on that specific poker room.


Other gaming sites – Initially, the online gaming sites for ordinary games were the places, where the practice of offering free bets was started to enhance the interests of the players. Still now, these gaming sites offer a certain amount of initial free deposit, so that the players can start playing for fun, without spending their own money. This is a good trick of retaining the players, because it is unlikely that they stop playing even for monetary reasons; once they are addicted to playing these games. Sometime, the gamers are also awarded some more free amounts, for successfully completing a level of the game, to encourage them for playing more levels of that game.