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Quick Free Bets aim to bring the latest betting offers, along with the best odds and promotions. We partner with the biggest brands to bring you the widest range of free bet offers.

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Bet365 – £200 BONUS – Read Review
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Sky Bet – £20 FREE BET – Read Review
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Coral – £20 FREE BET – Read Review
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Betfair – £30 FREE BET – Read Review
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Ladbrokes – £50 FREE BET – Read Review
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Paddy Power – £30 FREE BET – Read Review
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Betway – £100 MATCHED BET – Read Review
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Betfred – £60 FREE BET – Read Review
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Sportingbet – £200 BONUS – Read Review
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Unibet – £30 FREE BET – Read Review

We trawl the internet to find the best offers and free bets, along with odds and more on the latest sporting events. We also provide reviews on all the top sportsbooks and free bets online, along with which apps are the best. View our no deposit free bet offers to find something that suits your needs, sites like Sky Bet offer excellent introductory offers.

Complete Guide to Betting Promotions

When betting online, there are two main offers of which you need to be aware – retention offers and introductory offers. As you can imagine, the first is an offer only available to first-time customers in an attempt to entice them to their platform. With retention offers, these are promotions that aim to keep existing customers with the platform regardless of how long the account has been open.

As you will see on this site, we try to cover all bases so you may have seen these two terms used on various pages. Today, we will start with the sign-up promotions. Nearly every week, you will see betting companies advertise great odds for new customers and this is because they know a win is likely to lead to more bets in the future. If you want to see all the best offers and odds, be sure to check with us first. For the larger sporting events, some bookies will offer special promotions so we will keep a list of them here for you to take advantage. Whether it is football, F1, golf, tennis, rugby, or the classic horse racing, we have them all here.

If you put on a bet only to find that there are much better odds elsewhere, it can be a tough one to take so always check here first. Throughout the week, we do all the research so you don’t have to so don’t let our valuable information go to waste. When we supply great offers, we ensure that the bookie is fully-licensed with the UK Gambling Commission and are allowed to operate within the UK.

If you haven’t yet got an account with the bookmakers listed, we highly advise you open one soon because this will ensure that you never miss out on a great deal. With most bookmakers, they send exclusive offers via email so you need to be registered before you can take advantage. Often, there is a misconception that you have to be tied down to one bookie but this isn’t the case; in truth, you can sign-up to as many different platforms as you wish. When you have many different accounts, you have access to the greatest deals and offers each week.

Betting Promotions

At first, promotions from betting sites can all look the same. However, this is the mistake that many beginners make because they are actually all unique. Today, we will be explaining the many offers you might see so you can go ahead and make wise decisions in the future.

Introductory Offers – When bookies advertise ‘introductory offers’ or ‘welcome bonuses’, they are designed to attract the attention of people who haven’t currently got an account with them. If you have an account with most bookies these days, this isn’t a problem as we will have offers for you a little later. However, this category can be split into many different types.

Free Bets – Perhaps one of the most common offers, this will see you place an initial bet from your first deposit; normally, you will need to choose a selection above certain odds. Regardless of how this bet goes, you will then be awarded a free bet as a welcome gift. On other occasions, the bookmaker will match your first bet up to a certain limit. In most cases, your initial deposit will not be returned.

Deposit Bonuses – Of all the offers we have for you today, this is one of the best because you get

your welcome bonus but are free to do with it what you wish. For example, you could deposit £50 to start and have this matched. Although you won’t be able to withdraw it, you can place bets on various events. As soon as the money has been rolled over numerous times, you can then withdraw. With most sites, you have a limited amount of time to use the money and there may be odd restrictions in place.

Enhanced Odds – As the name suggests, this is where new customers are offered much better odds for events or outcomes. Since they are on a fixed event, they will be limited by time but they can be more valuable than our two previous options. For example, regular odds for Novak Djokovic to win the US Open might be 1/2. With the introductory enhanced odds, you may be able to put a bet on this same outcome for 8/1. If he went on to win, you can win yourself some free money. If your bet loses, some companies will provide you with a free bet so it can be worth it regardless of the outcome. Normally, there will be a maximum stake for these offers.

Risk-Free Bets – Up to a certain amount, this will see your first bet classified as ‘risk-free’. For example, you could place £20 on a particular horse to win a race. If this doesn’t come in, you will receive a free bet for the same amount. Although isn’t quite as good as the others, they can still be worthwhile because there is rarely an odd restriction and you have a second chance to win.

Terms & Conditions – Whenever there is a promotion on the table from the bookies, you can be sure that there is a long list of terms and conditions attached and this is mostly to prevent them from being too generous. If they had no rules, people would be making thousands off of each promotion. Here, we have a couple of the most common examples.

Rollover Requirements – When the promotion involves cash in some way, there will normally be an amount of times this amount has to go through the system before you can withdraw it as real money. For example, you will probably need to place around £500 of qualifying bets to withdraw if you deposited £50 for a free matched bet; this is especially true if there is added bonuses involved. If it was £20, it is likely to be ten times this amount too so £200 before you can withdraw. As well as the rollover requirements, you are also likely to find a time limit so this should be checked before you join.

Minimum Odds – If you are awarded with free bets and various other bonuses after signing up, you will find that you have to place this money on bets with certain odds. Normally, they will apply to both singles and accumulators just as long as the minimum is met. Again, they love having you as a new customer but that doesn’t mean they want you to put money on a bet that is almost certain to get some free winnings. As we saw previously, risk-free bets are normally the one exception to this rule.

Existing Customer Promotions – For the most part, bookies spend their days trying to get new people to sign up but that doesn’t mean they won’t provide retention offers for existing customers. If you have accounts with various bookmakers, you will notice that you receive regular emails with offers and this is because they want your attention. Whilst some offers are techniques that have been used for many years, you will also see certain companies constantly trying new things so there are some great deals to utilise.

As long as you bet regularly anyway, you have nothing to lose by signing up to numerous betting

sites. As well as getting the best odds one can find, you can take the offers that come your way. As long as you come back and check our site every now and then, you will have access to the best deals and promotions. Below, you will see some of the most common examples of retention offers.

Loyalty Prizes – Although these have lost traction in recent years, they make a comeback every now and then. Above all else, it is essentially a points system where you have a chance to win prizes or free bets every time you earn points through betting. Nowadays, you are more likely to see draw and entry type competitions through social media. If you have been inactive for some time, many bookies even resort to introductory offers such as free bets to bring you back in. Of all the bookies, Bet365 and Coral are both known for this the most.

Money-Back Specials – Perhaps the most common example, you will have your money returned as cash or a free bet if another condition is met. For example, in football, you could put a bet on a certain goalscorer but have your money returned if the game finishes 0-0.

Reload Bonuses – Seeing as though you can win percentage bonuses as cash or a free bet, this one is looking for repeat business after you return. Normally, they will ask you to place bets at certain times and it is because they want to keep you betting well after your deposit.

Free Bets – As well as being a good introductory offer, some bookies will give their regular customers free bets as a reward. Although there are numerous bookmakers that do this, Coral is the best we have seen for actually pushing it and making it happen. For example, you might be able to put a £20 bet on before an event to receive a free £10 bet in-play.

Additional Products – With technology always progressing, bookies are always trying out new things. In recent years, it has been the app and this has made betting easier and more accessible than ever before. If they are trying to push new areas of business, they might concentrate their offers here. With the apps, some bookmakers were offering matched bets and even free bets for those that used the mobile app. Sadly, the apps are perhaps more common than online betting nowadays so these cannot be found anymore. However, the same type of deals will keep occurring whenever they want to advertise a new feature to their service.

Enhanced Payouts – Finally, these are seen as the headline grabbers because they are the ones that will be plastered all over the emails, websites, TV ads, and more. Just as we saw with the enhanced odds, this is similar but it is more likely to cover an accumulator or treble. For example, you might see Manchester City, Arsenal, and Chelsea all to win at 8/1 where the original bet is closer to 5/1.

Summary – There we have it, your complete guide to offers and promotions from bookmakers. Nowadays, they are coming up with new and innovative ideas so keep an eye out for the adverts and visit us regularly to see all the best promotions!

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