The Consequences of Curiosity

“Question everything,” my father once said, assuming it would lead me to sense and reason. I only realized how dangerous this was when I understood what it means to live in a world of arrogance and ignorance. This is not a diatribe nor is it a tirade. It is simply an alternative view on how we perceive reality.

Society, media, and political intervention are entities that set the rules for the playground we are born into. You either abide by these rules or you find yourself in an awkward pit of judgment, pain, and confusion.   Hotmail com

Expectations have us regretting the past and dreading the future. These preset conditions and targets that we inherit, is what separate people from their true ambitions; ambitions that bring sense to our convoluted presence.

Success, the most misinterpreted and overrated word misused ever since the discovery of trade. The bane of all judgment, the measurement unit of one’s self in society, the creator and destroyer of lives. People will give their life and take others’ for success. Blinded by it, manipulated by it, bloodthirsty and frothy for it. This is the epitome of all that is wrong in this world. Greed, deceit, envy, ruthlessness, and sacrifice; all byproducts of the pursuit of success. To think that people actually believe that success is what it’s all about. That it is all that one can ask for and what one can possibly desire. The very foundations of how we perceive life and its purpose as have yet to be questioned.

I questioned religion. I questioned faith. I questioned morals, ethics, politics, education, and generic advice.

Fear. Fear is what these are derived from. The fear of death, the fear of failure, the fear of crime, mistakes, and regret. We are run by fear and fear is what has everyone comfortably incapacitated in their respectful bubbles. Once you’ve backtracked far enough through the source and reason of these social constructs, you will find yourself in an intimidating position. Detach yourself from emotion and focus on reality, and you will realize how alone we are; how insignificant and irrelevant our existence is. You begin to understand why reason was necessary and belief was vital.

Question life and you will soon begin to contemplate it. What happens when there is no answer? What happens when questions are open ended and the sole purpose of your life relies on that absent answer? What is the point of all this? You eat, sleep, excrete, grow up, find work, have a family, and then pass away. Is that all there is to it? Logically speaking, that’s pretty much it really. If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

Reason. We are beings of reason; take away reason, and what’s left? Where we find reason is what defines us individually. People resort to religion, faith, work, education, anything they can get their hands to give reason to what little time they have left on the miracle that we have appeared on that is earth.

It is important to fully comprehend the roots and possible reasons of such phenomena. After all, if it wasn’t for the creation, inheritance and adoption of such lifestyle, we wouldn’t be here today. How would a kingdom thrive off its people without the illusion of power through fear? How would its economy run without the demand for what is perceived to be the symptoms of success i.e. land and wealth? How would you convince another equal living human being to clean the sewers day in and day out while you sip on your martini at a cigar bar down at crowns?

Hope. Have them struggle, slave and work for reasons you have constructed. A decoy if you may, an illusion within an illusion. You think you’ve got it all figured out? That’s what they want you to think. At the end of the day, we will slave away and we will abide with the rules because nobody knows what they don’t know. Think about it.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish at a price, and you will be fed for a lifetime.

Commercialized Education. This “Just put up with it for a few years, it’ll be over soon” nonsense needs to stop. The need for education has been for all the wrong reasons over the past decade; usually a forced decision due to poverty or pride. Education has moved from the thrive of knowledge to quite literally the only way to make a living these days (at least that’s what we’re made to believe). This is the x factor, the final pieces of the grand scheme of things finally falling into place. You work to survive and you survive because you work. Essentially, you will do as you’re told.

Compare technological advancements to overall worldwide physiological diversity. It is abysmal and quite embarrassing how the majority still clings onto prehistoric mannerisms such as sexism, racism, homophobia, cultural pride at the cost of happiness etc. We have been able to track down and illustrate Kepler-186f, the most Earth-like planet some 500 light years away, but people still cannot wrap their heads around the simple idea of individuality. Pathetic isn’t it?

What is wrong and what is right? Don’t have anyone tell you otherwise because at the end of the day, your consciousness is all that is real. You are the maestro of all that you will ever know. Compose your destiny, write it and if you aren’t satisfied, rewrite again until you get it right. Create your reason and accept none other. You are your own god.


Quick World wide web Style: How to Use Wix Templates

It could or could not shock you to hear that the bulk of targeted traffic from the internet is derived from lookup engines. With that stated, search engines ought to be the first place that you need to flip to to promote your on-line presence. Make sure that search engines know that your website exists by distributing your website link straight to them. As soon as which is out of the way, the ideal way to increase your look for engine presence is by taking the time to increase your Search engine optimization. Appropriate know, the search engines that create the most site visitors are: Google, Yahoo, Bing.
Back in 2006, Wix arrived on the scene to alter the way folks develop sites. Wix develop a powerful nevertheless easy resolution that created the procedure enjoyable and innovative, without having possessing to know the complicated language that is code. Wix keep an simple-to-use site builder with tons of capabilities and attributes to make running your organization on the internet less complicated than at any time.
A customizable digital dashboard which is loaded with helpful shortcuts, data, ideas, and more.
An Editor which was created to support you develop a abundant and visually superior on-line experience for your clientele and internet site visitors. It lets you tell your story in the most striking, persuasive, and powerful way, whilst supplying best notch performance and efficiency. The idea is to give you a device that will not require “a receiving utilised to” but an intuitive and person-welcoming plaform that assists you carry out tasks quickly and simply. The Editor tends to make it simple to customise your internet site precisely the way you want it. No innovative boundaries or coding essential.
Internet hosting at Wix will maintain your internet site secure and protected. Successfully grow your web site and enterprise with powerful web Applications and Providers. Your site will appear incredible on any unit. Get a cell version of your site in just one simply click. Make a great impression on your guests with a customized area. It really is less complicated than at any time to get your organization on-line with a basic and lovely one particular-web page template. There are numerous far more attributes, Apps and templates which are updated frequently. Wix has anything for absolutely everyone, so whether you might be a photographer, musician, little enterprise operator, entrepreneur, or scholar, Wix offer all the tools and attributes you need to have to develop an wonderful on the web presence.
A Aid Heart that can solution your queries or you can go to the Forum to submit a ticket for distinct queries to your demands with 24/seven support.
web developer
When it will come to eCommerce, a beautiful, specialist web site is a need to. Buyers will only buy on-line if they feel your site (and hence your enterprise) seems to be reputable. Make positive your site is present day and draws consideration to the best you have to offer you. You need to have a web site that displays up when your clients are browsing on Google and other research engines.
The artwork of ranking nicely in searches (know as Lookup Engine Optimization or Search engine optimization) can seem to be a bit intricate at first, but there are really a handful of measures you can very easily just take to give your very own internet site a very good shot at soaring to the top of Google. Get lots more Search engine marketing ideas for your on the web shop in the Wix Weblog.
The Wix Website offers us details on marketing and advertising our merchandise. A single technique that is fairly neglected is to conceptualize your product much more like a services. Since you want customers to see your manufacturer as an integral component of their life. When real client overview your product, they are in the long run describing its operation and its influence. In other phrases, they are describing what sort of provider the product has presented them and how happy they ended up with it. By displaying your consumers that their opinion issues to you, you extend your partnership past the promoting of a merchandise. You become a caring provider provider. Very good advertising and marketing takes into account not just the materiality of the item that it is offering but also the indicating that it bears. Contemplate all the different constructive experiences that your product can produce for your customer foundation and permit these activities guidebook your advertising and marketing strategy.
When you start your very own company, you will not get a handbook detailing the ins and outs of advertising and marketing. Subscribe to a trustworthy weblog that supplies thorough information and actionable suggestions on all issues marketing and advertising for tiny organization. The Wix Website need to be your initial subscription, but will not end there. Dig further to discover distinct blogs and on the web assets that cater to your specialized niche.
Having a comprehensive on-line existence calls for far more than just making your internet site. It means controlling, bringing site visitors to your web site, and advertising and marketing your goods.
Possible customers typically make a decision in an immediate whether or not they like your enterprise, merely by searching at your website. When it arrives to your site, lovely is far more than display-deep. To attain out to customers Wix developed an simple way to control all of your contacts, straight from your My Account dashboard. You can achieve out right to your most pertinent focus on viewers with updates, bargains and discount coupons that desire them with Wix ShoutOut. You can simply produce coupons for your Wix shop or send out discount coupons and low cost codes through ShoutOut, in excess of email or on your social media websites.
To make lifestyle less difficult, you can use Wix to setup automatic emails to everybody who purchases a solution from your keep for the very first time.
The Wix Cell editor can make your web site far more helpful for your consumers and make Google pleased, given that Google is penalizing web sites that usually are not mobile optimized.
Want far more people to learn your wonderful internet site? The most vital ways to market and ship a lot more men and women to your website is by bettering your page’s Search engine optimization. Guess what? The people at Wix have thought of that also. Make positive your site’s Search engine optimisation is completely protected by attempting out the Search engine optimisation Wizard. The Search engine optimisation Wizard will crawl your site and give you an easy to recognize report on how you can enhance your site’s Search engine optimisation.
There is no 1 way to produce a masterpiece of a website like any true art sort, variety is element of what helps make net design so intriguing. With so many distinct components at your disposal, site creators have numerous possibilities to make anything lovely. When wonderful pictures and fantastic text occur jointly, it’s a thing of elegance. Making use of a mix of packing containers with photos and colors, you as well can perform all around with the Wix editor to accomplish this outcome. One particular of the least difficult techniques to make your web site seem and perform fantastically is by making confident that all of the objects on your web page are neatly in spot. A excellent way to do this is by arranging each of your internet pages by aligning your objects. Aligning objects on your Wix internet site is super simple – in simple fact, you will find previously a grid laid out for you appropriate in your Wix Editor.
Handling your site’s Search engine optimization is the most crucial factor. You can do to market your internet site on the web. Great Seo can shoot your business to the leading of Google internet pages and generate you a constant stream of organic targeted traffic. Providing each website page on your web site a brief, obvious and descriptive website page will give Google a greater concept of what your page is about and support with your total Search engine marketing ranking.
Possessing your personal logo is one particular of the best ways to give your company a professional edge, plus it truly is excellent for your Search engine marketing settings. The Google title, or Meta Title as it really is much more formally known in the Search engine marketing entire world, is how your website will appear in search outcomes. Possessing specified webpages hidden from Google (or non-indexed in Search engine optimisation terms) like password guarded web page is a excellent way to preserve important web web pages private. Google does not recognise images so by incorporating alt-textual content to your pictures assists lookup engines categorize your pictures and recognize your webpage greater, which ultimately leads to an overall greater Search engine optimization rating.
Web site crawlers get to your website to discover keywords and phrases about what you have to provide when men and women use these search phrases to research enterprise just like yours. Each page on your website has a unique function. Make positive to highlight those roles by emphasizing distinct key phrases on the titles and content of your internet webpages.
Even even though Wix is not challenging to use, numerous firms do not have the time or ability to deliver their own internet site visions to life. This presents Wix Qualified Webmasters the capacity to use their knowledge to serve an essential and perhaps worthwhile role.
Clients can save income on the internet hosting portion of getting a site by working with Wix simply because they also provide cost-effective web hosting for all of their websites. Moreover, designers who create websites on and other comparable platforms are most likely to offer you a much more cost-effective rate than those who develop custom coded internet sites. Lastly, simply because Wix is so intuitive, clients can very easily discover how to sustain their very own internet sites. They will not need to have to rely on and pay out a developer every single time they want to adjust a photograph, update text or insert a new website page to their internet site. A WixEd designer is great for tiny to mid-tier clientele who want a wonderful internet site without likely in excess of spending budget.